Campground Rules

BEFORE YOU BOOK …. Here Are A FEW Do’s and Don’ts

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Please take a moment to review the terms and conditions of Hill Top Resort. Once you have read and understand the rules, you can use the continue button at the bottom of the page to access the registration page.

A few quick notes: Online registration forms allow a maximum of 10 persons per registration. If you have a larger group and all want to be in same area, you will need to add additional sites to your reservation .The campsites are large enough that you will be able to be near each other and have a great group experience. Rules and regulations in the Resort are intended to ensure the safety of guests, protect the Resort and its resources, as well as ensure all our have an enjoyable stay.

Please note:
Online fees show tax and agency fees separately.

Prices quoted here are for CAMPING ONLY special events in the facility. Check our event pages for more details on each specific event for package deals.

Hours of Operation

Currently Hill Top Resort is open to the public from Friday to Sunday (Extended for long weekends only)

Gate Hours

Friday – noon – 10 pm

Saturday … 10 am to 10 pm

Sunday … park closes at 3:pm

Rates – ONLINE

When booking online, If you encounter a sold out date or not available date, please check our events calendar. Sometimes a special event precludes normal camping. On the calendar you can book camping and events for the specific weekend you are looking for.

Non-serviced site$10 per guest/night per person.There are approximately 3000 unserviced sites at Hill Top Resort. These sites are larger than most campgrounds and can hold up to 10 tents in one site location. grouping is permitted so long as you respect your neighbours. Must be 18 years of age to register. Children under 14 free

Serviced site - $15 per guest/night per person

At this time we have a limited number of serviced sites available (50). All serviced sites will include one-30 amp service connection. water connections are available in one section only. Must be 18 years of age to register. Children under 14 free
DAY PASSES – Visiting a friend at the park for the day? please stop at the front gate and register your vehicle. Day passes for visitors do not permit vehicles in the campgrounds over night. All vehicles must leave the park by 11 pm.

Rates – ONSITE

(on site prices include taxes and fees)

Non-serviced site$15 per guest/night per person.There are approximately 3000 unserviced sites currently available at Hill Top Resort. These sites are larger than most campgrounds and can hold up to 10 tents in one site location. grouping is permitted so long as you respect your neighbors. Must be 18 years of age to register. Children under 14 free when accompanied by a parent.

Serviced site - $20 per guest/night per person
At this time we have a limited number of serviced sites available (30). All serviced sites will include one-30 amp service connection. Water connections are available in Section G only. Must be 18 years of age to register. Children under 14 free when accompanied by parent

Please note: Serviced lots may include power and water in some, power only in others. Septic dumping station available on site.

Reservations & Payments

Online registrations are available for your convenience. Payments may be made by any major credit card. If you choose to register onsite, we do not yet have the ability to use credit cards. Onsite registration will be limited to cash only. In some situations, onsite registrants booking one night stays may be required to leave a cash deposit for 2 nights. Refunds will be made upon exit if two nights stay is not required. Sorry...we do not accept cheques.


Any cancellations made with in 24 hrs of reservation date will not be refunded. Refunds will only be approved if requested in writing prior to 24 hrs of actual reservation date and must be submitted in writing to . All refunds, changes or transfers are subject to a $10.00 service charge. There will be no refund for anyone being evicted or for days lost through early departure or late arrival.

Arrivals & Departures

Check in time for all campsites is 5:00 pm. (until June 30, then check in will be 11:00 am) Please have only one member of your party check your group in. Early check-ins will not be permitted as there are no staff onsite. Check out time for all RV and tent sites is at 3:00 pm. A full day's rate will be applied to late check outs. PLEASE NOTE: Our gates close at 10 pm daily. No vehicular traffic is permitted in or out of the park after these hours. Any person who is deemed by our staff to be under the influence of alcohol and driving a vehicle may be refused entrance or exit from Hill Top Resort at our discretion.


Persons not abiding by this rule are subject to legal consequences.

Travel Within The Park

Hill Top Resort is a 600 Acre resort. It is a great place to explore with mountain bikes, atv, motor bike, and walking. Moving off the established pathways is not recommended as there are natural pitfalls and sharp objects which may cause damage to your vehicle or person. Travel with in the park by motorized vehicle is not recommended however we do understand that getting from one side to the other for food and beverages is or can be a long hike. Motorized vehicles must comply with the MAX 15 Km rule and be aware of all pedestrian and bicycle traffic if they are travelling on the park roadways. Hill Top rules require that no motorized vehicular traffic is permitted (except authorized security and safety vehicles) after dusk except in the case of an emergency. This rule is intended for the safety of all our guests.

Lake Access

Hilltop Resort has a very nice clean fresh spring water lake onsite. This site was created out of need for sand and the area filled. This is not off limits to guests but is at the risk of the guests . We do not have any life guards on duty and all children and adults should respect the area and the possible hazards of playing in the water. Of course it goes with out saying, you carry out what you bring in, ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES in the sand area, and for cleanliness and sanitary reasons… No pets in the beach area.

Children & Youth

Hill Top Resort is a family resort which welcomes children of all ages. Children and youth under the age of 14 are free when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all the recreational facilities.


Pets are welcome on your camp/RV site as long as they are leashed at all times and their owners are responsible to ensure waste is picked up. No pets will be allowed in the concert or lake area. Please don't let your pets disturb other guests. Aggressive or chronic barking dogs will be dealt with promptly. Guests who can't prevent their dogs from disturbing others or dogs that the Management Team deems as dangerous to the well being of other guests, will be asked to remove their pets from the Resort immediately.

Wrist Bands

Must be worn around the wrist at all times. Wrist bands are color coded for easy identification and access to specific areas of the park and local businesses. Failure to display an appropriate bracelet may result in loss of privileges or your eviction from the Resort. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BRACELET! If you do, you will have to purchase a new one.

Security Staff

Security Staff will be on site during special events. If you witness suspicious behavior or would like their assistance, please notify the registration office (located at the front entrance gate) or any one of our onsite safety personnel on the grounds. We ask that you please respect all Safety and Security Staff; disrespect towards them will not be tolerated.


Entrance gate will be closed from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. Vehicles will not be allowed into or out of the Resort after 11:00 pm.(subject to change for special events)

Amenities / Facilities

Please remember that all amenities are on a seasonal, weather dependent schedule. Limited hours of operation of facilities and services are available during the week. We reserve the right to close any facilities due to weather conditions or for Health and Safety reasons without prior notice.

Hill Top Resort has showers and washrooms available on site for camper use. Please note: Our facilities are not fancy but have clean HOT water available for campers use. Until the facilities are upgraded to newer buildings, all showers are available at no charge to the campers for most regular camping weekends. Some fees may apply during special events.


For your safety and the safety of other guests, no glass bottles will be allowed in the Resort. Non compliance may result in confiscation of glass items. Failure to comply may result in your eviction from the park.

Guests who are of legal drinking age in the province of Manitoba are permitted to consume or possess open alcoholic beverages on their registered campsite only. Please drink responsibly. Alcohol is not permitted on any areas outside your specific rented campground. No outside food or drink is permitted in the concert and restaurant area. All food and beverages in this area can be procured through at our onsite restaurant and vendors .

Noise bylaws:

One great feature of having such a large campground is that we can accommodate all types of campers. The Hill Top Resort recognizes that some campers like to enjoy the night air with friends while sitting around a campfire and having some cold beverages. For those nocturnally inclined campers, we suggest requesting our “FUN” zone camping. In this area, you are not likely to be asked to stop talking after hours. Campers in the fun zone traditionally will be “less quiet” for longer periods than family campers. This is fine so long as campground rules are followed. Enjoy the park and your friends but respect the facility and others.

Noise bylaws will be enforced in all family and Quiet zones (Sections G & F)

General Rules & Regulations

No additional guests except those listed on your reservation can occupy the premises over night with out registering and paying for camping.
Maximum vehicles permitted per site will be 2 . All vehicles in campground must display a campground parking pass in front window.
Speed limit 15 km/hr. throughout the resort. Obey all traffic signs. Joyriding in the park is prohibited. Dangerous drivers will be evicted with out recourse and may be subject to legal consequences.
Golf Carts, ATVs and Motosport bikes are allowed in the campground. There is a special area designated for fun riding (see map above Section E).
ATVs (including pocket quads and bikes) must be registered and licensed. Operators must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid driver's license. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult. No joyriding in the park, the ditch or the service road in front of the Resort. If the above rules are not adhered to, you will be asked to remove the vehicle(s) in question from the park.

Wildlife is present in the park: keep campsite clean and all food, garbage and attractants securely stored at all times. Garbage must be bagged and deposited in garbage barrels. No garbage in fire rings. Do not approach any wildlife in the park. These are wild animals and can be harmful to humans. If you encounter bears or wolves, contact management immediately.
Camp fires to be made in fire rings only or authorized fire pits only. No open fires on ground are permitted. Fire pits are not to be moved unless authorized by a manager or office staff. Firewood available for sale at the registration office. PLEASE DO NOT DAMAGE OR REMOVE TREES FROM FOREST FOR FIREWOOD.
Trees and shrubs are easily damaged; no cutting of saplings for wiener roasts. Defacing trees is prohibited. Disorderly behavior will not be tolerated at any time.
Firecrackers & Fireworks are strictly forbidden. This is a strict ruling from the fire marshal.

This property is privately owned. While visiting the Resort you are responsible for abiding by all Resort rules and regulations. Non compliance may result in your eviction from the Resort and no refund issued. Under no circumstances will Hill Top Resort be liable for any loss or damage to any of our guest's personal property, including their vehicles, jewelry, personal effects or any other valuables including currency. Parents are responsible for the care and actions of their children at all times.

Assumption of Risks


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